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Talent Acquisition

Vodafone used employee-generated videos to promote New Graduate Program, which resulted in 2.5 times higher applications.

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Tell’bout offers a streamlined and agile solution for collaborative video content creation, storage and editing on the cloud. Teams can easily and cost-effectively manage video workflows online, empowering them to create compelling content with maximum efficiency and minimum hassle.

Create Projects.
Add a short brief, image and a title that informs your members about the project. Pick from our template collection to start quickly.
Invite your team members, employees via simple invite link & start collaborating instantly.
Capture videos and photos with any device and upload them via our mobile apps or desktop app.
Collect & Review.
Content is stored in the cloud, so you and your team members can access anywhere, anytime.
Quickly edit your videos in a cloud-based video editor. Major editing features are implemented in a way that is easy to use, no additional experience required.
Manage assets, team members and view stats of your usage. Add your logo, custom colors and music to use in the studio.

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Are you tired of the high costs and complexity of traditional media management process? With tell’bout, it's easier and more cost-effective than ever to create compelling content. Book a call with our experts, request a demo, and discover the power of streamlined, cloud-based content management.

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