tell’boutTerms of Use is a platform developed by Sinaps Teknoloji Bilisim ve Danismanlik San. Tic. A.S. (hereinafter referred to as “Sinaps”)

By accessing or using the whether as a member or as a guest, everyone (hereinafter referred to as the “Users”) shall be deemed to read and accept the Terms of Use and Confidendiality Agreement below.

  • No provocative and insulting texts could be written regarding communities.
  • Texts that are not aimed to declare a comment but with a sole content of convess and provocative matters are prohibited.
  • It is prohibited to send threatening, abusive, hateful or high number of undesired messages; to send religion, language, and racial segregation posts and use of similer materials; to act condescendingly to users.
  • It is prohibited to write any harrasing texts oriented to users’ personality, behaviour, appearance.
  • Messages that violate the Turkish laws and legislation, international laws, treaties, regulations may not be sent.
  • It is prohibited to copy or sell the content. Otherwise, Sinaps has the right to initiate legal process.
  • Sinaps, if it considers it necessary, has the right to remove or edit any text, comment or answer on the website.
  •, since it is a legal obligation; even a member delete his/her membership, will continue to keep your answers at least 1 year in it’s database .
  • It is prohibited to copy, distribute, sell any content that is produced by editors who contributed the content, without an authorization from
  • Administrative posts having the characteristics of announcement and notification featured in, may be illustrated as an example to determine the general boundaries of rules and rights inside the system.
  • Members who violate the rules will be warned by the administrators. However, if repeated violation occurs, his/her registrations will be deleted from our system. directors reserve their rights to temporarily suspend, permanently suspend and delete the members’ accounts.
  • Right to update the rules or to add additional ones shall belong to directors.
  • members are responsible for the messages/comments they post to shall not accept any liability regarding the texts, messages and comments that are posted by the users.
  • Illegal data which is violating Turkish law and other legislations shall not be presented in user account. Users can not act like another individual, and can not use another individual’s name or information without consent. 
  • Sinaps may share the user-produced content through it’s channels or may make these content available to third parties who required to know and edit the content as a matter of course.
  • In the event of any criminal complaint or investigation demand received to member from official authorities and/or detection of digital sabotage or attack that prevent or change Sinaps system’s operations; Sinaps has the right to explore user’s ID information and declare them to the legal authorities.

Users who signed up to this web site shall be deemed to read and accept the aforementioned “Terms of Use”.